A Quick Guide on our business model

  • Step 1: Browse the jewelry we offer on this page and you will find that most items come with oyster openings specific to that piece of jewelry. ​​

  • Step 2, complete the selections on each item you want to add to your cart, for example, necklaces come with a choice of colored pearls, or natural colored pearls, and your choice of a chain length 18", 20", 22", or 24"

  • Step 3: Once you place your order, we will record the opening of your oysters revealing what pearls you received and post the video to social media (Instagram, TikTok, etc.), and tag you in the video. 

  • Step 4: Let us know in the comment which pearl(s) you want mounted to each piece of jewelry you ordered. All cage necklaces can be opened and therefore pearls can be swapped out at anytime! 

  • Bonus: You get to keep all the pearls in your order, even if they aren't mounted.​​

  • Step 5: We complete your jewelry by carefully mounting your pearls to each item in your order.

Additional Information:

  • We offer additional oyster purchases in our "oyster" tab. Here you will find our amazing Monster oysters which come with 20-40 natural pearls. Also, many people want to add extra oyster openings to their order to add to the variety of colored pearls they get to choose from for their jewelry piece. You can order a single oyster, or a bundle which comes with 5 oysters for the price of 4!

  • We do offer natural colored pearls if you prefer those over the colored pearls, just select "natural pearl" when adding an item to you cart to guarantee the pearl you receive is in the white, cream, peach, pink, or lavender range, also remember that black and gold, although rare, are possible natural colors you may receive. 

  • If you choose a colored pearl, natural colors are still a possibility, among a wide and beautiful array of other colors (check out our oyster page to see examples of the colors!)

  • Aside from pearl mounted jewelry we offer Gem bombs and Ring Bombs.​​

  • Ring Bombs are .925 solid sterling silver and triple rhodium plated. Each ring is set with CZ stones, and is valued between $90-$200 per ring. There are over 100+ options of rings so your order will be a complete surprise. Rings come in sizes 5-13 for the Silver rings and 5-10 for Rose Gold.

  • Any questions, please reach out to us on any of our social media platforms below, or by email! 

What is your return policy?

If your item is damaged please reach out to orders@pixiepearlsandjewelry.com within 30 days of receipt of your item, and we will work to make that right, whether that means a repair, full refund, or a replacement.

Returns are not excepted as each jewelry piece is customized by not only us, but you, as you pick the pearl you want on your jewelry. We can not refund any oyster opening.  However if you feel there is an exception, please email us at orders@pixiepearlsandjewelry.com and we are happy to hear about your situation! 

Are you an MLM, can i join, etc...

No! We are a family created and owned business where Sue and Lati run the show. We are not a business that hires consultants. There are pearl and ring bomb MLM's out there, but we are not in that world. We find quality wholesalers, and hand mount the pearls to your unique jewelry with care.